Change MPEG4 AVC to Archos

As an all-in-one program, OJOsoft Total Video Converter is absolutely the best one giving the easiest way to change MPEG4 AVC to Archos for playing file/video/movie on different digital players. Free download, install and run the software first before reading the changing MPEG4 AVC to Archos format guide below.

How to change MPEG4 AVC format to Archos

Best and easiest way to change MPEG4 AVC to Archos files

Archos as output for changing

Run OJOsoft Total Video Converter program, an all-in-one solution to change almost every file extension, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 supported. In this guide, we click TO AVI button on the top of MPEG4 AVC to Archos changer software interface to change MPEG4 AVC to Archos.

Browse for Archos folder before changing

Click the lower Browse... button next to Output File Name field, and browse for a proper output folder for Archos files.

Edit MPEG4 AVC to Archos changing parameters

Click the drop-down list next to AVI profile to select a preset Archos profile. Here we choose the profile as the picture shown above for the output Archos files. Click Edit... button to set more details, if you want to customize the parameters of your selected profile.

Put MPEG4 AVC files into MPEG4 AVC to Archos changer

Click the upper Browse... button next to Input File Name field to put file type MPEG4 AVC into the program. You may also click + button or use drag-and-drop to add multiple MPEG4 AVC files. It means you want to change MPEG4 AVC to Archos by the easy software MPEG4 AVC to Archos changer. And you can also click - button to remove MPEG4 AVC video.

Change from MPEG4 AVC to Archos

Click the big button Convert, after setting up all the parameters. It will start changing form MPEG4 AVC video/movie to Archos quickly. And the processing bar will show you how fast and where MPEG4 AVC to Archos changing process is. OJOsoft Total Video Converter gives you the the best and easiest way and changes MPEG4 AVC to Archos easy and fast. Free download it now and then you can play the video/movie changed by it on your PC or Players.

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MPEG4 AVC video format

Something more about MPEG4 AVC. MPEG4 AVC is a standard for video compression developed by the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG) together with the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), and it was the product of a partnership effort known as the Joint Video Team (JVT).

Archos file type

What is French Archos? Archos - founded in 1988 (FOREX ticker ACOSF) is a France-based company that specializes in portable media players and storage devices. ARCHOS devices feature the highest quality screen resolution, highest quality video, touch screens, and WiFi for streaming video onto the device or out to a TV.

Tips for easy MPEG4 AVC to Archos changer software

Before installing the software, please make sure that you are logged on as Administrator or have Administrator rights. And the installation wizard will finish in some seconds.

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