Change ASF to DAT

With most file formats supported, OJOsoft Total VIdeo Converter is a supreme solution to convert between video file types. This expert changer software also lets you change ASF to DAT videos. Free download, install and run it first and read the step-by-step guide below.

How to change ASF format to DAT

Best and easiest way to change ASF to DAT files

DAT as output for changing

Run OJOsoft Total Video Converter program, an all-in-one solution to change almost every file extension, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 supported. In this guide, we click TO MPEG button on the top of ASF to DAT changer software interface to change ASF to DAT.

Choose DAT output folder before changing

Click the lower Browse... button next to Output File Name field like the picture shown above, and browse for a proper output folder for DAT files.

Edit ASF to DAT changer parameters

Click the drop-down list next to MPEG profile to select a preset DAT profile. Here we choose the profile VCD NTSC compatible (MPEG1, 1150 kbps, 29.97 fps, 352*240) for the output .DAT files. Click Edit... button to set more details, if you want to customize the parameters of your selected profile.

Put ASF files into ASF to DAT changer

Click the upper Browse... button next to Input File Name field to put file type .ASF into the program. You may also click + button or use drag-and-drop to add multiple ASF files. It means you want to change ASF to DAT by the easy software ASF to DAT changer. And you can also click - button to remove ASF video.

Change from ASF to DAT

Click the big button Convert, after setting up all the parameters. It will start changing form ASF video/movie to DAT quickly. And the processing bar will show you how fast and where ASF to DAT changing process is. OJOsoft Total Video Converter gives you the the best and easiest way and changes ASF to DAT easy and fast. Free download it now and then you can play the video/movie changed by it on your PC or Players.

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ASF video format

ASF is designed to store coordinated multimedia data on a timeline. It supports data delivery over a wide variety of networks, and is also suitable for local playback, broadcasting, and editing on both personal computers and other devices that now support the format. Microsoft uses ASF with its Windows Media Audio and Video codecs, while other companies use ASF with various other codecs in both software and hardware-based solutions.

DAT file type

VCD DAT is the file extension of Video CD MPEG movie MPEG1. Video CD (abbreviated as VCD, and also known as View CD, Compact Disc digital video) is a standard digital format for storing video on a Compact Disc. VCDs are playable in dedicated VCD players, most modern DVD-Video players, personal computers, and some video game consoles.

Tips for easy ASF to DAT changer software

Free download ASF to DAT changer program and try it. During the free trial period, the software has full function except some limitations. You can purchase the application to remove the limitations. OJOsoft Total Video Converter, which also works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, has the most competitive price and highest quality which is worth to buy.

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